Monday, December 28, 2009


It was the annual Christmas/New Year gathering with the sissies last night. This year the venue was at Martin B.'s lovely studio--a space shared with the stylish and gorgeous Pam Q.--and beautiful their office definitely was!

I am probably still burping from all the good food I had (on top of all the equally good food I gorged on today) and still hung over from all the fun, laughter, wish portion, silly dancing and of course, Patrick and Regine's mowdel showdown. LMAO! :D But then again, what's a sissy gathering without the catwalk showdowns and silly dancing?!! Veejay you shouldn't have left early, now Patrick won by default!

Speaking of the showdown, Patrick begged not to post the photos... so sis, we now have reason to blackmail you! BE GOOD TO US! :P

STILL MISSING UPON PICTURE TAKING: The bucket of KFC that everyone was looking for because Patrick was late!

Binge, binge, binge!

Christina + Nicole = Bitchmates foreverrrrr! Dinner at Mr. Chow next week baby girl? :)

Why is my jaw so square here? Lol! Hola sissies Eric and Jerome!

Mowdel Showdown time bitches! This is about as far as I can go. All I can say is, Regine channels Joan Bitagcol and Amy Verbo so well! Girlfriend can ramp and sell clothes on the runway. Meanwhile, Patrick's fierce, distinct walk could get her a VS contract stat! Mga bakla, aminin!

I heart this mirror...

And this one too!

Smoke Breakers: Jerome and JM

Hot hot Nicole Morimoto

Veejayyyyy! :)

Heaven knows how much I love these bitches. Inside and outside of fashion, they've been there for me. Thank you sissies. *HUGS!!!*

Here's to another year of friendship, good beginnings for the coming year and ending 2009 on a good note!

Happy 2010 my lovelies! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Commonly Asked Questions

Call me mean but I find it rather annoying when I keep bumping into people with misconceptions about the fashion industry. So to enlighten the clueless folks, I've compiled a list of frequent misconceptions and commonly asked questions.

1. Dressing Up Artistas - Unbeknownst to many, these glamorous femmes don't usually pay for the clothes they wear on TV, events, award shows, concerts, etc. The stylist (whether their personal or the designated fashion stylist for the said event)-- or in some cases, the road manager does the job-- borrows or pulls out ready-made clothes or samples from designers. Sometimes they have a budget to rent out these pieces, often times they're pulled out for free with the promise of an "on-cam thank you" or a special shoutout after the segment. I can count with my one hand the artistas who actually orders clothes for them to wear on TV or any occasion. One of them is Kris Aquino, a most sought-after client for most designers in the country, because once she loves you the orders just keep coming and she pays well. And so when the clothes aren't sponsored, there is no need to thank the designer. So please quit asking me if my name will be heard on SNN. Kris pays whenever she orders. Which brings me to the next question...

2. Why Not Give Free Clothes To Be Greeted - I'm a businesswoman first, a designer second. I'm also not a fame whore. I'd rather earn money than hear my name on TV, thank you. :)

3. Artistas Rule The World - NOT! The real fashion makers-or-breakers are stylists, editors and creative directors. Showbiz-wise, the designers only really care about the A-list (whom the moneyed parties listen to a.k.a. our ideal client).

4. Ateliers Need Window Display - No, not really. In Paris and New York, ateliers are tucked away and unbeknownst to many unless you have an appointment or are a fashion insider. Ones who also sell ready-made pieces in their atelier/shop SHOULD have a window display but other than that, I don't see it as a prerequisite. I for one like my privacy and prefer only to entertain clients who have an appointment.

5. WHY NOT JOIN PROJECT RUNWAY - Because not every young designer wants or needs to. Fame is not everything darlings. Just because you're on TV doesn't necessarily make you an overnight sensation. If it did then EVERYONE would be in PRP. If you are already in business, sometimes it's better to just concentrate on your orders and current clients instead of going on a 2-month hiatus. But that's just my opinion.

So I hope this helps. And that is all folks!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

People In Palabok

The main reason why I was on a Fashion week hiatus. One takes about 8-10 days to make and the response was overwhelming.

Some of my Palabok muses:

The forever fabulous Lanee Keh Tan.

It bag designer and SOFA owner Amina Aranaz-Alunan.

THE Style Maven Andre Chang.

The beautiful Bea Panopio

And moi as seen in Stella (September '09 ish).

Thank you dearies! It will also soon be available in come February 2010.

So many blessings to be thankful for. Goodnight for now, world! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Men With Style

Whenever someone asks "What do you first notice in a guy?", I answer, "Their shoes." and I usually get a weirded out frown. Only my fasyon and gay friends will understand this bit I guess. A guy's shoes says a lot about their personality, taste and overall style. So if I don't like what I see south of a hot guy's ankle then he ain't so hot to me anymore. Unless your name is Zac Efron or Chace Crawford that is. Ha! But then again imagine someone that handsome wearing dirty lace-up bulldogs. Aaaaccccckkkk! What a terrible thought.

Very few guys are comfortable enough to experiment with looks, let alone have the talent for layering and coming out polished and put-together. Most men are divided into 2 categories: The Boy-Next-Door (sneakers + jeans + Cotton shirt/Polo) and The Smarts (well-tailored suits and jackets + designer crisp shirts and expensive leather goods). Those who run in the middle of the fence are very hard to spot these days. Just like women, mixing the highs and lows is key. Hard to explain so check out my list of MEN WITH STYLE to know what I mean!

Eric delos Santos - one who always collaborates with menswear designer friends for experimental pieces he can match with his cool vintage finds and fancy sneaks. Even his leather shoes usually has a sporty, quirky twist to it. Love that.

Andre Chang - His blog is called "Style Maven". Nuff said.

Jerome Lorico - Whenever I see him, I feel like he should be walking on the crowded streets of Tokyo instead of Makati. And he makes inexpensive pieces look designer. Street style sweet!

Sidney Yap - The statement jacket is always his key piece. And boy, does he have a LOT of them!

Robby Carmona - There has never been an instance when I saw him and didn't say (out loud or in my head) "Oooohhh me likey!!"

And because I am currently addicted to Korean TV, I might as well add a couple of Korean stars on my list:

Hot Korean boy group Big Bang's TOP has the best tailored suits with quirky prints and details. Even cheap hoodies look fierce on him. Couldn't find any paparazzi shots but watch Big Bang TV Episode 7 (on Youtube dearies) to see for yourself! (Watch out for his lip-printed suit, D-I-E!!! How fabulous can a straight guy be?)

World renowned Korean superstar Rain. Even boot legs look sexy on him. The room probably goes below zero every time he enters. LMAO.

I also can't help but notice how beautiful the guy stars are from Korea. They're handsome but on the pretty side although not in a gay kind of way. Must be the fact that really stylish men are comfortable enough with their own bodies and sexuality that not even pieces bordering on the female side can stop them.

You think Piolo can pull that off too? :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This season I am on a Fashion Week hiatus - too much work to do in the shop, things I cannot possibly postpone - "overloaded" does not even suffice. Abroad, not participating in Fashion Week means losing buyers, in Manila there are no buyers except for your usual clients who come to watch your show. Hence, it is imperative that a young designer such as myself make these made-to-order clients the top priority. Business first, ALWAYS. There is the Holiday 2011 show anyway.

I attended some of the shows and of course, went to support my sistas! These are sooo on my "To-Order-List":

From Eric's collection. The maillot is mine, mine, mine!

Bea P. was contemplating whether to get the fuchia dress or the turquoise one. I said "Get both!" (I am also digging the vest! Le Chic!!)

On another note:

How cool is this?! You go sissy Jerome! And best of all, YOU GO DIREK ROBBIE! *clap clap!*

A dress I can style in 1&*$% ways! Check!

Always on the lookout for sexy, sexy leggings and mareng Martin hit the jackpot! Had a legging orgasm right there! LOL!! :D

L-O-V-E!!! You think I can pull this off, mareee?

The baggy-dress-loving girl that I am fell for this Veejay Floresca piece.

So sexy and rich-looking! I have been scouting for the perfect white dress and voila!

I am digging this look except I have a big arse and those pretty pants won't look flattering on moi. :-(

And ito, hindi ko kinaya:

When sissy Eric said he's using a huge buri hat, he really meant HUGE! This is soo perfect for the beach!

After Eric and Jerome's back to back showdown last night, Bea P. and I decided to binge at Chelsea. Totally forgetting to take a photo of our Eric delos Santos dresses til we got back to her house!

B wears her EDLS bondage number with lovely pumps from Theodore's while I matched my slashed dress with a Sepa necklace and Nine West peep toe booties. People in Serendra were staring, guess they thought I was having a real skin peek-a-boo. Bomba star levels, much?

Must talk numbers with the sissies after this! Exciting!

Monday, September 28, 2009


September 26, Saturday -- I wake up at 11 AM to the sound of my ringing cellie. It's mother.

"Wake up, wake up! Your dad and I are in church and we sent the driver out. The maid says our house is flooded! HELP HER!" She's clearly panicking. Thinking it was a mere exaggeration, I groggily got up and walked towards the dining room. As I stepped down from the hallway and felt cold water, I realize she wasn't kidding. And the maid was already busily mopping the floor. I called Arlee right away to come over, my mom's panic attack rubbed off on me. Last time the house got flooded was back in 1994. I realize Ondoy can't be just another typhoon. I turn on the TV a few hours later and realize I was right.

My mom's poor little garden. Photo taken after the water subsided.

The garage. Cars aren't home. My parents and the driver had to leave the cars on Central Avenue because it was impassable that afternoon. As of the moment, we have a CRV there awaiting a tow truck. Tried to get through the flood that day and it broke down on me!

We're lucky the water inside the house only reached up to the ankle. Outside it was knee high but I knew it must be worse in other areas. Specifically my tita's and cousin's homes in Kingsville Subdivision in Antipolo. We were so worried about them for 2 days. Today my cousin ate Ayee finally got to see them. Thank heavens they're safe. Material things can be gained back, but health is the real wealth so to speak. I'm glad all my friends and family are safe. But I am also saddened by their losses. :-(

I have been seeing heart breaking photographs and videos lately. Children who drowned, dead pets covered in mud, smashed cars and houses. I dare not post them here. My old highschool was flooded too. There are people who took shelter under their ceiling or on their roof while waiting to be rescued for hours and even days! I've been hearing stories of loss and miracles, all very overwhelming. Especially the way people are helping each other any way they can right now.

After I publish this post I shall go back to segregating my things for relief goods. It's the least I can do.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goodbye Is The Hardest Word

That's me zipping up my sister's wedding gown four years ago. As I type this, she's probably flying above the vicinity of LAX by now. About to land to a new life, a new home with her husband. I really am happy that they're finally together. But it is hard to let go of the life we shared together as roommates in the 26 years of my existence (we supposedly separated bedrooms a few years ago but I still sleep in hers, LOL!) and being sisters-in-crime. Though we grew up as frenemies as children -- and still the occasional bickering from time to time as adults -- she has been my good good friend through thick and thin. My loyal fan who never ceases to text and update friends (much to my embarrassment) with events I'm doing or new publicity features. When bitches got in my way, she fought them with me. She was one of my kaladkarins (in layman's term, someone you can tag along whenever, wherever). One who listened to my whining and bore with my bitchy ways. Who is going to reciprocate when I roll my eyes at the "circus side" family gathering now? Or talk to me late at night when the lights are off but my mind still won't shut up? Or shop with me during family trips when le parents just wanna kick back and not walk for hours?

I swore not to cry because I wanted a happy new beginning for her. But as I hugged her for the last time at the airport the tears wouldn't stop from falling. Atchi was the ultimate big sister, the ideal eldest daughter. To say she's responsible and kindhearted is an understatement, thus the endless string of godchildren. That's how I know she'll make an incredible mother. Knowing she's on the baby track gives me another reason to be happy for her. And knowing they are finally together and starting a new life as husband and wife (sans Skype) stops the tears from falling any further. My eyes are puffy as it is anyway.

I'm supposed to clear her room today and move into it. But I'm not ready to do that just yet. Memories flood like crazy and sleeping alone in that big bed is just too much to handle.

In two weeks my boyfriend Arlee goes back home to Florida as well. And my other best mate Leah had left for California a few months ago too. Everyone is leaving. Maybe I should make a career out of crying. What is it with US that makes people leave? Everyone seems to be gearing up for a new life ahead. And even though I am left behind, it also leads a new life for me. A new life without my backbone, quieter nights without loud laughter and DVD marathons alone. I'm embracing this new change although it comes with great difficulty. Goodbye definitely is the hardest word.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September So Good!

Preview cover girl Kim Chiu in a top by me and Zara skirt and belt.

Mega Magazine unveils their Top 10 bets from the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Collections...

...and features 25 young designers to interpret 5 design masters. All in this month's issue.

Stella's Designer Profile feature on yours truly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. :-)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Maricar Reyes in Czarina Villa

When Alyanna asked if I would be interested in dressing up one of her Star Magic stars, I instantly said "Yes, if she were Maricar Reyes or Shaina Magdayao." And so I was ecstatic to find out that Maricar said yes to me making her gown for the Ball. Four sleepless nights and a few bottles of Redbull later, this was the aftermath.

So no, it wasn't by Francis Libiran as printed on the Inquirer today. How sad for me. :-(

Thanks to Alyanna Martinez though for this rad opportunity. Always a pleasure working with my real-girl-sista!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preview + Rockwell

Last Friday, I braved the traffic to support Preview magazine. They said to come in your favorite all-black Fall trend.

Happenin' PREVIEW gals: Daryl, the lovely Pauline Suaco-Juan (in Rajo. The dress is L-O-V-E!!!) and Liz Uy.

With the beautiful and talented BFFs Bibai Gaisano of Renegade Folk (aren't those hot pink shoes pretty?!) and Rachelle Que -- whose style I so adore! I look like I have a dick here though. LMAO!!

We love Daryl!

Everyone noticed Raymond Santiago's bomber jacket.

Just had to take a photo of the life size Preview September issue. My black top adorned with my Palabok detail made it on the cover. YAY!

Photo c/o Daryl (plucked out from her blog: stylesamurai). Wore my ribbed black pin tucked taffeta pants and raw edge jacket (the one from my PFW Holiday 2008 collection)

Close-up shot of the detail:

True to our glutonic selves, Martin, Eric and I pigged out at Myron's Place afterwards...


This makes me hungry.