Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today has been full of lovely surprises. It all started after brunch with one of my bestmates, Chere, who took me on a short trip to the secret store where I was amused beyond my wits. *winks at Chere* . Chere always knows how to make my day and now I have to thank her again for helping cure my hangover. LMAO.

Then it was followed by an unexpected email that has absolutely made my week. Updates to follow. I just feel so blessed right now. The world has revealed new doors opening for me.

In the meantime I'm packing my overnight bag for a long road trip to Baguio with the family tomorrow night. Cousins from London flew in a week ago and are currently in their compound in Baguio. The Manila chapter of the Villa clan will be following tomorrow night as we all need to get together for our late grandma's birthday on Sunday. I am so relieved I won't be staying in our lola's haunted house but at the same time bothered at how cold it is in the province right now. I should have bought those Uggs after all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Hopping

Taking a break from beading the wedding dress due on Sunday (come to the Crown Plaza Hotel Bridal Fair people, I heard it's going to be an ultra fabulous one!) and I came across this chic blogger called Professionally Trendy. Check out the guy's jacket. Some Filipino who migrated there must have donated it to a thrift store who in turn sold it to them.

In fairness the sewing is excellent. :-) If the jacket was worn here, it would scream varsity whereas with them it's quirky cool. Much like the Malaysian costume I'm wearing on the photo below which I got from an international bazaar at the PICC last December. The Malaysian consul who sold it to me said it's a costume of some sort but to me it looks luxe and perfect for lounging. :-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Back to Reality

I'm back in the city and I have to drag my ass around because I was gone for 2 working days and I am still feeling very lazy!! My sewers seemed relieved to see me back though (I wonder if that's a good or a bad thing). Anyway, yours truly had to do a bazillion errands right away and the traffic welcomed me with arms wide open as if to mock my return from my brief getaway. Hate it.

My work week ended today with a 5pm--errrr, 5:30pm because I came late due to heavy traffic. Why does Quezon City have to be so far from Taguig?!--meeting with the ladies (and man) of ALMOST FAMOUS. It is a fabulous, fabulous high end store that's about to open in Bonifacio Highstreet. So excited! Launching details to be posted soon. Watch out shopaholics! :-)

And so the weekend is back again but unlike everyone else, I actually have to work (way too many sketches to finish. Boo!). Partying is now reserved on week nights with my highschool pals (the Saturday night crowd makes us feel like senior citizens) as well as my movie dates with my boyfriend so that leaves me with working weekends. I am officially a weirdo.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Of going back to the most serene place I know...

Away from crowds and pollution (both air and noise) and the overly annoying Manila motorists...

Where the water is clean and clear and the sand is fine (naturally, not faux Boaracay)...

Where I can snorkel and swim and then come home to this...

... Then take a long hot bath in this...

There's no other place like FLUSHING MEADOWS in Panglao... It was definitely love at first visit. I'm definitely going back. Until then, there are always closer destinations for weekends...

So this weekend, I'm off to Fuego with a couple of bitchmates. I need some R & R...

Don't we all?


Monday, July 14, 2008

My Genie To A Healthy & Glowing Skin

Today was all about errands and more work-related stress. I decided to hit the gym and run on the treadmill for a little bit before my next and final appointment of the day: DRA. JEAN MARQUEZ of SKIN SPECIALIST.

Dr. Jean is one of my fabulous clients (my first dermatologist client actually), and for the past 2 years or so, her clinic--which is conveniently only about 10-20 minutes away from my place--has been my go-to whenever I'm breaking out. The last few weeks have been sleepless, event-filled and well, stressful. Lots of late nights and parties that require gunks of makeup that clog the pores and irritate the skin. Needless to say I have been depriving my skin of its much needed monthly treatment that I finally decided to keep my appointment and make peace with it.

Everyone at Skin Specialist is well-trained. It's the only place where my zits get pricked and zapped and it doesn't even hurt (coming from someone whose pain tolerance is so low). I wonder if Dra. Jean weights their hands upon application to make sure everyone in her staff has a touch that's as light as a feather. Their new rejuvenating mask is so divine, I almost dozed off. I came home happy and totally relaxed, although a teeny bit red from all the pricking.

She also does laser hair removal among other fantastic "beautifying" treatments. You might want to check out her website:

What's even better is that she doesn't charge as much as other dermatologists in her caliber. Dra. Jean Marquez even hosted a segment at UNTV from 2004 - 2006. :) Is she fabulous or what?!

DRA. JEAN MARQUEZ clinic is at:

Ground Floor Sir Williams Hotel
#39 Timog Avenue, Quezon City Philippines

+63 - 2 - 374 - 8087
+63 - 2 - 407 - 7210
+63 - 917 - 810 - 1319
voip (voice-over-ip)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Today is officially the most stressful day of the week. Spent the whole day in the atelier, helping sew buttons and watching over the sewers. One of my best pals' wedding is on Saturday and a few gowns were still being altered today. Sometimes my darling master cutter becomes a total schezophrenic and turns into a major witch. The bitch is menopausal so I guess that should explain it. Anyway, the entourage will get their gowns tomorrow.

I miss those lazy days when I would sit in front of the TV for hours and alternate watching sappy old Tagalog flicks on Cinema One and good english movies on HBO. Those were times of total peace, carelessness and relaxation. I only get to treat myself to that every once in a while now. Gawd I hate adulthood.

So this is me signing off. I'm off to bed now. Wish tomorrow will be a better day. My migrane is getting worse by the minute.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fashion Forecast 2008

Congrats to my darlings Jerome and Eric (whose creations were utterly gorgeous as usual)!! This is a long overdue congratulations as Fashion Forecast was last month but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, right? :-)

DRESSERS BACKSTAGE: Me, Martin, Veejay, Jayem and Dax with lovely model Dindi de Leon. Taken after the show.


I love Hollywood gossip and this site is addicting!

Juicy, juicy! :-)

The Girls Of 12TWELVE

My fashion soul sista Chere Gioskos and I are featured in July's SENSE AND STYLE Indiesigner for our clothing line called 12TWELVE. :-)

SHOT BY: Maan Palmiery
Makeup by: Bobbie Millena
(mine), Al de Leon (for Chere) and Chi Chi Sotomil (for our model/muse Ingrid Holm).

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Partied it up at Rockwell Tent last night for the annual Preview Best Dressed Ball. It's mad fun hanging with my sisters again. It's been a week since I last saw them and y'all know that's already a long time for us! I especially missed Regine Dulay--finally came out of the house and put her scissors and sewing machine aside to spend time with her sistassss. :-) Missed Jerome Lorico too, who was missing in action last week!

Special mention goes to my darling Eric. My sister in crime and other boyfriend. I was his muse yesterday (for a change), so no Czarina Villa couture for me this time around! Pretty, pretty dress! Welcome back from Ilo-ilo! You know we missed you!

With kumareng Catherine Cavilte (movie date next week!)

(L-R:) "Classmate" Julius Tarog, Eric, Martin, "dance diva" Veejay Floresca, me and Cathy


Veejay dancing the night away!

The talented Happy Andrada and the gorgeous Ingrid Holm of W Talent (in my PFW 2008 opening number.)

Didn't get to take a photo with my lovebird kumares Chris and Joel, Aries baby and mother Frederick. :-( Til the next event dahhlings! :-)

Philippine Fashion Week 2008

Showcased my collection at Design Fusion last May 28 at the SMX Convention Center. This post is long overdue.


DISCLAIMER: One of the outfits didn't get to come out that night due to a dresser's stupidity backstage so thank heavens for Closing Night, I still got to show it!

And the outfit that didn't make it in time...


I'm back to my normal self again. Back to blogging, back to posting random things in my head. And this time there won't be anyone reading it in the hopes of finding something to twist and turn into gossip-worthy stories for their awful website. Come to think of it, why did I delete my blog before anyway? Other than the fact that I was advised by a fellow designer friend to do so, I just wanted to make it all stop. Being called things I am definitely not is very hurtful. And I am not one who takes trashing quite easily. I am being accused of things I did not do and some facts were even tampered with just for the sake of having a story. Gone are the teary-eyed days and now is the start of a new beginning.

All the pain I went through a few weeks ago has taught me a lot. I saw the fine line between real and faux. There are those who are so quick to judge without even hearing your side and then I have my family and friends--who despite all the trashing and accusations--know the truth and stick with me through thick and thin. I'm telling you, trying to spot a real friend is harder than spotting a fake quadruple A Louis Vuitton bag on Ebay. I may have missed a few opportunities because of a rumor or two but it's time to move on. Let the bitches think whatever they want to think, I can't control what goes on in everyone's mind.

Hello sunshine, I'm leaving the black hole! :-)