Saturday, July 5, 2008


I'm back to my normal self again. Back to blogging, back to posting random things in my head. And this time there won't be anyone reading it in the hopes of finding something to twist and turn into gossip-worthy stories for their awful website. Come to think of it, why did I delete my blog before anyway? Other than the fact that I was advised by a fellow designer friend to do so, I just wanted to make it all stop. Being called things I am definitely not is very hurtful. And I am not one who takes trashing quite easily. I am being accused of things I did not do and some facts were even tampered with just for the sake of having a story. Gone are the teary-eyed days and now is the start of a new beginning.

All the pain I went through a few weeks ago has taught me a lot. I saw the fine line between real and faux. There are those who are so quick to judge without even hearing your side and then I have my family and friends--who despite all the trashing and accusations--know the truth and stick with me through thick and thin. I'm telling you, trying to spot a real friend is harder than spotting a fake quadruple A Louis Vuitton bag on Ebay. I may have missed a few opportunities because of a rumor or two but it's time to move on. Let the bitches think whatever they want to think, I can't control what goes on in everyone's mind.

Hello sunshine, I'm leaving the black hole! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Cza! Yes one opportunity we both missed because of it is hanging out more!!! Good your back on the horse! Ride on!