Friday, July 11, 2008


Today is officially the most stressful day of the week. Spent the whole day in the atelier, helping sew buttons and watching over the sewers. One of my best pals' wedding is on Saturday and a few gowns were still being altered today. Sometimes my darling master cutter becomes a total schezophrenic and turns into a major witch. The bitch is menopausal so I guess that should explain it. Anyway, the entourage will get their gowns tomorrow.

I miss those lazy days when I would sit in front of the TV for hours and alternate watching sappy old Tagalog flicks on Cinema One and good english movies on HBO. Those were times of total peace, carelessness and relaxation. I only get to treat myself to that every once in a while now. Gawd I hate adulthood.

So this is me signing off. I'm off to bed now. Wish tomorrow will be a better day. My migrane is getting worse by the minute.

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