Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Overdue, sorry. LMAO. Religioso pique shirt, Topshop skirt, Nine West feather sandals, Balenciaga D First bag.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Change is GOOD

Change is the only constant thing in this universe. It rings true with fashion, so does with life. I used to think I would stay in one nook forever. That some things are unchangeable no matter how tough things should get, that certain relationships are unshakable. Well I thought wrong. As it turns out, decades of friendship could end with a single false accusation... followed up by a series of lies and involvement of supposed innocent parties. A strong connection you thought was there can be broken by a drunken call or a wrong line that accidentally rolled out of your tongue. It has always been as simple as that but I was too blinded all these time. I never really welcomed a change this big until it has become the only solution to the equation. Because no matter how hard you try to fix it, change the pattern or move figures around in the hopes of getting a new answer, if it isn't working for you then it probably never will. Pushing it will only hurt you more.

When one gets too confident about relationships, the truth hurts tenfold. The ones you thought were pillars are actually just wooden dividers -- cannot support a heavy fall and only serve as a mere decoration. You can only imagine the huge pang of pain and disappointment as you crash down on the floor, realizing there's really nothing to support you. Maybe you shouldn't have expected anything to begin with. The dividers aren't designed to withstand such things after all. If anything, they're two-faced house trimmings that run in the middle of a room and pretend to support both sides.

The answer to this is simple, stay in the lives of the people who want you to stay there and leave those who are pushing you away. Change circles, change habits. A paradigm shift could be good. Let go of relationships that will never be and relationships that could have been. And just cherish the ones that are there--the people who feel lucky enough to have you in their life.

I've decided to stay on the bright side. Changing priorities and switching circles as well as making all my Saturday nights devoted to church from now on. It's a big change but it's nothing I can't handle. The fall hasn't broken me after all. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Totally squealed when I saw Cecilia Dean wearing these Calvin Klein babies during Paris Fashion Week at jakandjil.

And then I browsed through the blog some more and almost had a shoe orgasm...

MUST HAVE SOMETHING LIKE IT. NOW. Hannah Kong I am emailing you right this minute!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Favorite MJ Fashion Moments

Not quite over it yet and this is a long overdue post. I wasn't exactly a huge fan but his tragic death at the age of 50 shook me to the very core. I grew up listening to his music (I am an 80s child after all)--my favorites being Rock With You, Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Rock With You, Human Nature and Why (a track that featured his 3 nephews the 3T, one of which was my ultimate highschool freshman year crush Tai!)

Michael Jackson was an icon and an inspiration in both the entertainment and the fashion industry. One who has touched many lives and helped so many people. I have always admired his style. No matter what people said he always managed to get away with it fashion-wise. I love his blings, all the gold appliques, the gloves. I am especially digging his statement jackets. What a collection!

Photo: chuvaness

I do not think the world will ever really move on from this great loss (it's much like Princess Diana in 1997 actually). There will never be another Michael Jackson in this lifetime. And his legacy will live on... he epitomized pop music after all and got us wearing blinged gloves.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Silver Lining

Received a text from my good friend Chris Diaz early this morning that I was in Manila Bulletin. I couldn't imagine what it might be for so I got the paper right away...

Having read a couple of not-so-good reviews on my collection before has made me think that maybe it really was a disaster because noone seems to get my point. I wasn't going for Marc Jacobs, I wasn't trying to be 2007. I didn't want to design something that was already very 2009 either. I just wanted it to be young, fun and frilly because I am that kindda girl. And Daryl totally gets it. Needless to say, this article made my day, no, actually my month. :)

(Sorry the scanner couldn't do any justice to the paper).

The beautiful and stylish Daryl Chang writes in her column Smoke N Decaf:

Just Femme
Feminine and flirty, Czarina Villa's clothes are every girl's dream

It's soft volumes and unapologetic femininity for czarina Villa's Holiday offering, delicate dresses in asymmetric tiers and ruched, anti-clinging shifts in pale blush, muted grays, and rich blues. Pieces that stood out: the waistcoat dress finished with ruffles and pockets, the pretty sweater frock, and the directional, shapeless raglan shift.

In a season where every designer opted to go tailored or structural, it's refreshing to have an alternative to go all-out girly but in a contemporary way. These pieces are accessible, wearable and can be easily incorporated into our wardrobes.

They're easy to match with tailored blazers, patterned tights and statement footwear, big summer trends that cross over for Holiday and pieces I'm sure, we all already have. There's no subversive meaning or hidden concepts in this collection, a direction some designers tend to be trapped in, it's just playful freedom, and in that, Czarina Villa's dresses don't try too hard to be covetable, her pieces just are.

Below are clearer photos of the pieces she mentioned and published:

(Except for this, LMAO! Couldn't find a clearer photo anywhere).

Thanks Daryl and have fun in Hong Kong! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

All In A Day's Work

I am finally home after a 6-hour shoot at Jeanne Young's studio. She is brilliant as always and teaming up (yet again) with the equally brilliant Vince Uy made the shoot even more fabulous.

Spent the whole afternoon Twittering and Facebook-ing in between chats with my bratmate Valerie (a.k.a. Choc) Religioso-Dayrit and her lovely sister Yvette Ilagan. The highlight of the shoot however was when a tweaked version of my 2004 "It" dress stared me in the face. Imagine my shock. Even Choc thought it was mine and I had just worn the dress to an event a few weeks ago. Oh well.

Choc & Yvette Religoso

Jeanne Young and Vince Uy

I couldn't get over Jeanne's high tech equipment! (Like this camera holder for instance. Or whatever you call it.) Geez, me and the Religiosos were scared of breaking something. LMAO.

Beautiful shoes by Hannah Kong. I am so getting something done by her soon!

BRATMATES!!! :) (Thank you Gela Laurel for my makeup. So galing that girl! And FAST!)

Vince telling the gorgeous Jessica Yang how to work it (Jes wears my beige number. I just had to have her in my segment!)

Cannot reveal just yet what this shoot is for due to the confidentiality of the project but it features 5 female designer/labels and it will be out in Preview soon.