Thursday, July 9, 2009

All In A Day's Work

I am finally home after a 6-hour shoot at Jeanne Young's studio. She is brilliant as always and teaming up (yet again) with the equally brilliant Vince Uy made the shoot even more fabulous.

Spent the whole afternoon Twittering and Facebook-ing in between chats with my bratmate Valerie (a.k.a. Choc) Religioso-Dayrit and her lovely sister Yvette Ilagan. The highlight of the shoot however was when a tweaked version of my 2004 "It" dress stared me in the face. Imagine my shock. Even Choc thought it was mine and I had just worn the dress to an event a few weeks ago. Oh well.

Choc & Yvette Religoso

Jeanne Young and Vince Uy

I couldn't get over Jeanne's high tech equipment! (Like this camera holder for instance. Or whatever you call it.) Geez, me and the Religiosos were scared of breaking something. LMAO.

Beautiful shoes by Hannah Kong. I am so getting something done by her soon!

BRATMATES!!! :) (Thank you Gela Laurel for my makeup. So galing that girl! And FAST!)

Vince telling the gorgeous Jessica Yang how to work it (Jes wears my beige number. I just had to have her in my segment!)

Cannot reveal just yet what this shoot is for due to the confidentiality of the project but it features 5 female designer/labels and it will be out in Preview soon.

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Anna said...

Hannah Kong - she makes customized shoes, Czar? Tama ba? Do share!!!