Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday was a day of goodbyes. My aunt and uncle whom I consider my second parents went back home to San Francisco. Then a close friend got a Church assignment in Germany and heaven only knows when I'll see Allistair again...

Lastly, I officially lost my voice yesterday too. But heck, a little silence shouldn't hurt. *wink*

Yesterday's outfit...

Dress by me, Zara satin heels, pleated neck wrap from my 12TWELVE line (worn as a scarf), LV Speedy 30 bag and bangles from Cebu and some bazaar I went to years ago (Photo taken in the shop).

Thursday, February 26, 2009


My throat is itchy and my legs are still sore from the other day's workout. The sudden surge of heat (and my need for full blast aircon) sure don't jive with me right now. And everyone around me is sick! I feel a flu coming but I'm fighting it with all that I can...

The show however must go on and I gotta work, work, work!

(FROM YESTERDAY: In a Chloe top, pleated vintage U skirt, Nine West peep toe booties, Mango bangles and Balenciaga D First Motorcycle bag).

Now where are the car keys?!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flat Factor

I love wearing heels but I am aware that they are hazardous to your feet if you wear them on a daily basis. Thus I switch to flats on hectic days and only wear 4 inch heels when I don't have a full day ahead.

ZARA makes such comfortable flats at affordable prices. Needless to say, all my Zara flats are now overly worn so my hunt for comfortable yet fabulously chic flats continues.

Went to Stella Luna a few weeks ago with my dear friend Verushkha and bought a pair of blue leather flats with a mirror buckle design... only to realize when I've worn them outside their carpeted store that the shoes are literally a KILLER. Only wore it for 2 hours and both backs of my feet were badly caloused. I have the scars to prove it. Ick.

And so the search is on. I am thinking Tory Burch but then I saw this pair of Maloles patent leather flats on Netaporter:

I may have found a winner! I just hope they're as comfy as they look!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeling Pale

This is what my sewers' rack looks like upstairs: pale. Felt like starting the new year with a cleaner, crisp-looking slate (fashion-wise that is). Simpler, more relatable classic pieces for this store I'm supplying to in Glorietta 5. I am actually loving the look as it is a new take for the detail-whore that I am. I am feeling all midnight and navy blue all of a sudden. What gives?

Also met up with Martin and Nicole in Glorietta yesterday for a quick gab and bite after my visit to the sub contractor. Also bought a copy of Sense & Style for my portfolio. Thank you Sense & Style for the "Transformer" feature on my dress (Haven't found the time to scan that yet)!

And then I was off to Rockwell for a quick dinner with my best bitchmate Leah at Pepper Lunch. Nothing like good food to help relieve the stress!

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things (Reposted From Facebook, Tagged By Jerome Lorico)

1. I used to blog a lot but stopped. Maybe I'll get around to it again.

2. Is very particular about bathrooms when staying at a hotel/resort. Actually, I am particular about it everywhere. I'll hold it in if I have to.

3. Fickle minded. Very.

4. Has the appetite of a sixteen year-old boy.

5. Cannot eat like #4 in front of a guy I am really into and with whom I still have to watch myself around.

6. Is a firm believer that one should not expose too much.

7. They say my energy is contagious and I believe them.

8. Easily forgives.

9. Babbles a lot of nonsense when nervous.

10. Highly spontaneous (a sudden road trip or anything along those lines, I’m game!). My schedule can change drastically in a jiff depending on my mood.

11. Doesn’t matter how tired I am or how late it is, if I said I’ll be there then I’ll be there!

12. Throws a fit when awakened by someone yelling out my name. A simple nudge will suffice. I am the biggest bitch in the morning when my sleep has been rudely interrupted.

13. I am very impatient so I tend to rush things—not waiting long enough to see what might happen next and taking things into action before it is due.

14. Believes in signs.

15. Has the softest spot for cats and dogs.

16. Easily gets teary eyed with love stories—novels or movies. I guess I’m a girly girl.

17. Makes a good Nancy Drew.

18. Is on the weight gaining program at the gym and runs 4 kilometers every other day before core exercises.

19. Gets along with everyone--I am both a designer and the girl-next-door who plays DOTA with my guy pals in a computer shop til the wee hours.

20. Pretends to shoot jerk drivers when on the road.

21. Wish I could go to a white sand beach every weekend.

22. Would do anything for a pint of Ben & Jerry's (they just don't have it in this Third World country!)... SINCE I REALIZED THEY HAVE IT IN RUSTAN'S, I AM CHANGING MY #22 TO: Can finish a pint of Cookie Dough or Strawberry Shortcake in 15 minutes or less! :)

23. I am both good and bad. Go figure.

24. Sees a fortune teller from time to time.

25. Because of #13 and #8, I’m usually put on the downside of certain situations.