Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeling Pale

This is what my sewers' rack looks like upstairs: pale. Felt like starting the new year with a cleaner, crisp-looking slate (fashion-wise that is). Simpler, more relatable classic pieces for this store I'm supplying to in Glorietta 5. I am actually loving the look as it is a new take for the detail-whore that I am. I am feeling all midnight and navy blue all of a sudden. What gives?

Also met up with Martin and Nicole in Glorietta yesterday for a quick gab and bite after my visit to the sub contractor. Also bought a copy of Sense & Style for my portfolio. Thank you Sense & Style for the "Transformer" feature on my dress (Haven't found the time to scan that yet)!

And then I was off to Rockwell for a quick dinner with my best bitchmate Leah at Pepper Lunch. Nothing like good food to help relieve the stress!

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