Monday, March 30, 2009

The humidity is killing me. PAGASA warns of a 40-degree Celsius summer and this sure feels like hell! Shorts are my new bestfriend.

(Off to dinner with the family in Chili's: Tophop shorts, Aldo wedges, black Balenciaga Motorcycle bag, Topshop black tank and draped over blouse by me.)

I envy friends who are in colder temperature places at the moment. Having said that, I'm already missing my good friend Ethel who recently came home for a short vacation in Manila before heading back to Japan and the US.

The gradeschool gang. GO JASMS!

It's true what they say, "you can take them out of JASMS but you can never take JASMS out of them". Always feels like I just saw them yesterday as opposed to the months (or even years) that actually flew by.

Missing everyone already! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Time sure flies by. We've been through ups and downs and at times we didn't think we could make it but we got through it all. There is only one person in this world who can love me as much and I am undoubtedly the luckiest woman on earth to have found a love like he has to offer...

Celebrated our 7th year anniversary yesterday at my own version of Disneyland: the Spiral! Because we loathe the Friday night crowd, we opted for a lunch date. Felt like such a carnivore after I downed all that meat!

My first plate... I am so in love with their wheat pizza and steak!

My second plate (more steak and now with lamb and beef ribs!) But let's not forget the pasta...

My angel with his mouth full. Heehee!

And now onto my favorite part: the DESSERT! The chocolate fondue and ice cream freak that I am literally went gaga.

And onto my outfit post:

Thrifted black spandex dress (a gift from Eric), Topshop tank, Lee Pipes jeans, Solea peep toes, Calvin Klein shades, Gucci watch, Charriol ring (a gift from my Angel of course!) and Balenciaga D First bag.



Today is my sister Marjorie's birthday too and we're throwing a little party for her at home. It is perhaps her last birthday in Manila (before she joins her husband in San Diego) and I am feeling all sentimental! BOO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATCHI!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It's tradition that every once in a while, a sleepover is held at my gay boyfriend Eric's humble abode. Last night was "it" for us and how I missed these lovely bitches!

At Chili's Greenbelt 5 where thousands of calories were taken in. Most of which I had to burn at the gym today! LMAO!

A "couple shot" with the one they once thought I replaced Arlee with... my sissy ERIC!

Hail, hail (most of) the gang's all here! Patrick Galang I miss you!

Jerome and I right before entering Eric's building (in my most favorite floral printed Aldo flats!)

Actual slumber party shots were taken with Veejay's camera and I don't have them just yet! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Extra hot and loooong day. But the upside being the boyfriend doesn't have anymore duty so he hung out in the atelier with me all day. :-)

(In a Marni dress, Aldo flats and thrifted scarf)

Speaking of hot days, I'll be spending the Holy Week in Boracay with the family and a bunch of friends. Can't wait. Must design new caftans for myself!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Decided to take a break today and hang with le boyfriend after picking up some pieces at the subcon. Went back home to Quezon City to grab a few things before we headed to Megamall (where Push is still showing). And this is what I had to drive through:

It took us a freaking hour and twenty minutes before we got there! There wasn't even any real reason for this traffic jam, I thought someone died or something.

But I instantly cheered up when I arrived at Bigby's!

I love their fixtures. But above all I love their strawberry shortcake.

Also had a T-bone steak (which I finished in about 8 minutes because I was already ravenous!). I am such a fan of Bigby's, thank heavens they have a branch in Manila now!

Lastly, sorry I take crappy photos--not much of a photographer--and everything was taken with an E71. LOL. :-)