Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Decided to take a break today and hang with le boyfriend after picking up some pieces at the subcon. Went back home to Quezon City to grab a few things before we headed to Megamall (where Push is still showing). And this is what I had to drive through:

It took us a freaking hour and twenty minutes before we got there! There wasn't even any real reason for this traffic jam, I thought someone died or something.

But I instantly cheered up when I arrived at Bigby's!

I love their fixtures. But above all I love their strawberry shortcake.

Also had a T-bone steak (which I finished in about 8 minutes because I was already ravenous!). I am such a fan of Bigby's, thank heavens they have a branch in Manila now!

Lastly, sorry I take crappy photos--not much of a photographer--and everything was taken with an E71. LOL. :-)

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