Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sissies (Rated G) Night Out

WHERE and WHAT: Dinner at Apartment 1B, Greenbelt 3 for District 9 and yogurt madness at Red Mango (we eat our yogurts buffet style! Addict much?) and finally, midnight snack at North Park, Makati Ave. (No photos for the latter).

M.I.A.: Regine Dulay. You owe us sis!!

TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: The usual - The things and people we love and loathe. As well as matters that are not so rated G.

Just Eric and Veejay for now. Others are still fitting and styling elsewhere.

One of my all time favorites: Apartment 1B's roasted half chicken! Which I finished right away. I woke up this morning still feeling full.

Arlee's plate. The Fil-American that he is. LOL.]

Eric's baby back ribs. YUM!

Veejay, being the healthy person that he is, had fish and vegetables with pasta. (Sorry for the blurry photo).

Patrick's here now. Yogurts gone in less than 5 minutes. :)

Digging Red Mango's light fixtures.

Post movie shot at 2AM. My verdict: 6.5/10. Martin's verdict: 7/10. What do YOU think?

Followed by a looong day at work today which ended at 9PM. The last thing on the agenda was fitting my muse for the upcoming Star Magic Ball at my real-girl sissy Alyanna Martinezes' office.

We all wore black today, what gives? Anyhoo, I missed Martin for 21 hours!

Just had to capture Alyanna's look today. Lovin' it, love, love!

And this is where I sign off to hit the sheets. Night folks!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can't Hardly Wait

Life just isn't the same without my weekly dose of GG. September 14 feels like eons away.

The Gossip Girl Season 3 Cast Shot (photo c/o

My oh my, where did little J get those fabulous gloves?!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom!

Went gaga over la Lady Gaga! I couldn't get enough and my Gaga gang was absolutely disappointed when we realized there wasn't going to be any encore. What the F is that anyway?! Is it because the producers didn't have budget for another 15 minutes of Miss Gaga?

We were originally opting for the front row but they were sold out the next day. We partied like rockstahs in our VIP Patron seats nonetheless and ended up sweating all the booze we loaded up pre-show. LMAO.

Fueling up for LADY GAGAAAAAA!

Gaga boys!

Chicas in Gaga outfits. (Me in my own Palabok jacket, Bea Panopio in John Paras with Martin Bautista embellished gloves and Alyanna Martinez in Lanvin with tights she got from the US that B and I were sooo coveting!)

We're in now!

Seats aren't so bad.

"Boys, boys, boys...We like boys in cars..."

This is how I was able to watch from afar! (Astigmatism is a bitch!)

Jigsyyyy! :)

Taking a 2-minute break from all the sing-and-dance madness. LOL!

Her Gaganess herself

"I got a very strange question from a fan recently... They asked 'Lady Gaga, do you have a dick?' I said, 'Yeah I do and it's much bigger than yours'."

We want more! We want more! We want more!

THE AFTERMATH: No encore? :(

In conclusion it was an amazing, amazing show and Lady Gaga is too cute for words! Girl can rock the guitar, the piano and her vocals are fantastic. In my humble opinion, she really is this generation's Madonna. And noone can rock panties like she can!

Whoever got the gloves Lady Gaga threw out, feel free to message me in case you're selling! To say I want them is an understatement.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Is Paris Hilton aspiring to be Lady Gaga?

Because she can die trying! The real deal:

As you can see, I am a Gaga fan and so I cannot wait until her concert tomorrow! Front row tickets were sold out in a jiff but I'm still lucky to have snagged VIP Patron seats (together with my darlings Bea P., Jigs M. and Sidney Y.).

See you fellow Gaga fanatics in Araneta! P-p-p-poker face... P-p-poker face! :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Johnson & Johnson Skin Care Launch

It's out! J&J partnered with Preview magazine to launch their new skin care line in their August issue and a launch party held last night at White Space. co-sponsored the event.

It was girl power galore as Preview and Johnson & Johnson picked out 5 female designer labels to launch their new skin care line. The theme was beautiful soft skin. Motif for the whole event was white, nude and blush pink.

CURTAIN CALL: Designers Rosanna Ocampo, me, Debbie Co-Teng, Mel Orlina and Choc & Yvette Religoso with the models.

Photo op with my muse for the night, the beautiful Ms. Via AbaƱo, Johnson & Johnson's Senior Brand Manager.

FAMILY TIME (minus the kids): The Dayrits and Ilagans.




With my sister and boyfriend

MY FAMILY TIME: Dinner at Chelsea with cousins and mom.

Thank you again J&J for making me a part of this launch. And thank you Cibo for the amazing barquillos with cream cheese that you stuffed us with all night. Heaven. :)

Read more about it in this month's Preview:


A couple of weeks back I went to the NBC Tent to support my sissies as they showcase their pieces at Metrowear's second series presenting the members of FDCP and YDG. The show was jaw-dropping, because 1) It was directed by no less than THE Robby Carmona and 2) The creations were love, love, love!

Metro definitely knows how to throw an event. Food was superb too (loved the chicken cube thingies and the salad!).

Gretchen and I with the power Herrera twins John and Paul.

Pre show with Eric and Regine (whose collections rocked as always!)

Pier's here now!

C and B

With Gretchen Pichay, Bea Panopio, Melissa shoes' Joanna Co and her date for the night :)

Gretch trying on Pier's multi pouch bag. So cute.

The amazing runway.

Loving this dude's jacket...

...and this chick's pokpok heels... well as this hot dude. LMAO!

Mi amiga Alta Redor has license to kill. I miss Alta!!

The obligatory fashion council group shot. LOL!

My camera died because I forgot to charge it beforehand, the idiot that I am. Didn't get to take photos of the collections or with my other sistas in crime but there's always next time bitches. Hugs! :)