Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom!

Went gaga over la Lady Gaga! I couldn't get enough and my Gaga gang was absolutely disappointed when we realized there wasn't going to be any encore. What the F is that anyway?! Is it because the producers didn't have budget for another 15 minutes of Miss Gaga?

We were originally opting for the front row but they were sold out the next day. We partied like rockstahs in our VIP Patron seats nonetheless and ended up sweating all the booze we loaded up pre-show. LMAO.

Fueling up for LADY GAGAAAAAA!

Gaga boys!

Chicas in Gaga outfits. (Me in my own Palabok jacket, Bea Panopio in John Paras with Martin Bautista embellished gloves and Alyanna Martinez in Lanvin with tights she got from the US that B and I were sooo coveting!)

We're in now!

Seats aren't so bad.

"Boys, boys, boys...We like boys in cars..."

This is how I was able to watch from afar! (Astigmatism is a bitch!)

Jigsyyyy! :)

Taking a 2-minute break from all the sing-and-dance madness. LOL!

Her Gaganess herself

"I got a very strange question from a fan recently... They asked 'Lady Gaga, do you have a dick?' I said, 'Yeah I do and it's much bigger than yours'."

We want more! We want more! We want more!

THE AFTERMATH: No encore? :(

In conclusion it was an amazing, amazing show and Lady Gaga is too cute for words! Girl can rock the guitar, the piano and her vocals are fantastic. In my humble opinion, she really is this generation's Madonna. And noone can rock panties like she can!

Whoever got the gloves Lady Gaga threw out, feel free to message me in case you're selling! To say I want them is an understatement.

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