Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sissies (Rated G) Night Out

WHERE and WHAT: Dinner at Apartment 1B, Greenbelt 3 for District 9 and yogurt madness at Red Mango (we eat our yogurts buffet style! Addict much?) and finally, midnight snack at North Park, Makati Ave. (No photos for the latter).

M.I.A.: Regine Dulay. You owe us sis!!

TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: The usual - The things and people we love and loathe. As well as matters that are not so rated G.

Just Eric and Veejay for now. Others are still fitting and styling elsewhere.

One of my all time favorites: Apartment 1B's roasted half chicken! Which I finished right away. I woke up this morning still feeling full.

Arlee's plate. The Fil-American that he is. LOL.]

Eric's baby back ribs. YUM!

Veejay, being the healthy person that he is, had fish and vegetables with pasta. (Sorry for the blurry photo).

Patrick's here now. Yogurts gone in less than 5 minutes. :)

Digging Red Mango's light fixtures.

Post movie shot at 2AM. My verdict: 6.5/10. Martin's verdict: 7/10. What do YOU think?

Followed by a looong day at work today which ended at 9PM. The last thing on the agenda was fitting my muse for the upcoming Star Magic Ball at my real-girl sissy Alyanna Martinezes' office.

We all wore black today, what gives? Anyhoo, I missed Martin for 21 hours!

Just had to capture Alyanna's look today. Lovin' it, love, love!

And this is where I sign off to hit the sheets. Night folks!

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