Monday, December 28, 2009


It was the annual Christmas/New Year gathering with the sissies last night. This year the venue was at Martin B.'s lovely studio--a space shared with the stylish and gorgeous Pam Q.--and beautiful their office definitely was!

I am probably still burping from all the good food I had (on top of all the equally good food I gorged on today) and still hung over from all the fun, laughter, wish portion, silly dancing and of course, Patrick and Regine's mowdel showdown. LMAO! :D But then again, what's a sissy gathering without the catwalk showdowns and silly dancing?!! Veejay you shouldn't have left early, now Patrick won by default!

Speaking of the showdown, Patrick begged not to post the photos... so sis, we now have reason to blackmail you! BE GOOD TO US! :P

STILL MISSING UPON PICTURE TAKING: The bucket of KFC that everyone was looking for because Patrick was late!

Binge, binge, binge!

Christina + Nicole = Bitchmates foreverrrrr! Dinner at Mr. Chow next week baby girl? :)

Why is my jaw so square here? Lol! Hola sissies Eric and Jerome!

Mowdel Showdown time bitches! This is about as far as I can go. All I can say is, Regine channels Joan Bitagcol and Amy Verbo so well! Girlfriend can ramp and sell clothes on the runway. Meanwhile, Patrick's fierce, distinct walk could get her a VS contract stat! Mga bakla, aminin!

I heart this mirror...

And this one too!

Smoke Breakers: Jerome and JM

Hot hot Nicole Morimoto

Veejayyyyy! :)

Heaven knows how much I love these bitches. Inside and outside of fashion, they've been there for me. Thank you sissies. *HUGS!!!*

Here's to another year of friendship, good beginnings for the coming year and ending 2009 on a good note!

Happy 2010 my lovelies! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Commonly Asked Questions

Call me mean but I find it rather annoying when I keep bumping into people with misconceptions about the fashion industry. So to enlighten the clueless folks, I've compiled a list of frequent misconceptions and commonly asked questions.

1. Dressing Up Artistas - Unbeknownst to many, these glamorous femmes don't usually pay for the clothes they wear on TV, events, award shows, concerts, etc. The stylist (whether their personal or the designated fashion stylist for the said event)-- or in some cases, the road manager does the job-- borrows or pulls out ready-made clothes or samples from designers. Sometimes they have a budget to rent out these pieces, often times they're pulled out for free with the promise of an "on-cam thank you" or a special shoutout after the segment. I can count with my one hand the artistas who actually orders clothes for them to wear on TV or any occasion. One of them is Kris Aquino, a most sought-after client for most designers in the country, because once she loves you the orders just keep coming and she pays well. And so when the clothes aren't sponsored, there is no need to thank the designer. So please quit asking me if my name will be heard on SNN. Kris pays whenever she orders. Which brings me to the next question...

2. Why Not Give Free Clothes To Be Greeted - I'm a businesswoman first, a designer second. I'm also not a fame whore. I'd rather earn money than hear my name on TV, thank you. :)

3. Artistas Rule The World - NOT! The real fashion makers-or-breakers are stylists, editors and creative directors. Showbiz-wise, the designers only really care about the A-list (whom the moneyed parties listen to a.k.a. our ideal client).

4. Ateliers Need Window Display - No, not really. In Paris and New York, ateliers are tucked away and unbeknownst to many unless you have an appointment or are a fashion insider. Ones who also sell ready-made pieces in their atelier/shop SHOULD have a window display but other than that, I don't see it as a prerequisite. I for one like my privacy and prefer only to entertain clients who have an appointment.

5. WHY NOT JOIN PROJECT RUNWAY - Because not every young designer wants or needs to. Fame is not everything darlings. Just because you're on TV doesn't necessarily make you an overnight sensation. If it did then EVERYONE would be in PRP. If you are already in business, sometimes it's better to just concentrate on your orders and current clients instead of going on a 2-month hiatus. But that's just my opinion.

So I hope this helps. And that is all folks!