Friday, July 10, 2009

Silver Lining

Received a text from my good friend Chris Diaz early this morning that I was in Manila Bulletin. I couldn't imagine what it might be for so I got the paper right away...

Having read a couple of not-so-good reviews on my collection before has made me think that maybe it really was a disaster because noone seems to get my point. I wasn't going for Marc Jacobs, I wasn't trying to be 2007. I didn't want to design something that was already very 2009 either. I just wanted it to be young, fun and frilly because I am that kindda girl. And Daryl totally gets it. Needless to say, this article made my day, no, actually my month. :)

(Sorry the scanner couldn't do any justice to the paper).

The beautiful and stylish Daryl Chang writes in her column Smoke N Decaf:

Just Femme
Feminine and flirty, Czarina Villa's clothes are every girl's dream

It's soft volumes and unapologetic femininity for czarina Villa's Holiday offering, delicate dresses in asymmetric tiers and ruched, anti-clinging shifts in pale blush, muted grays, and rich blues. Pieces that stood out: the waistcoat dress finished with ruffles and pockets, the pretty sweater frock, and the directional, shapeless raglan shift.

In a season where every designer opted to go tailored or structural, it's refreshing to have an alternative to go all-out girly but in a contemporary way. These pieces are accessible, wearable and can be easily incorporated into our wardrobes.

They're easy to match with tailored blazers, patterned tights and statement footwear, big summer trends that cross over for Holiday and pieces I'm sure, we all already have. There's no subversive meaning or hidden concepts in this collection, a direction some designers tend to be trapped in, it's just playful freedom, and in that, Czarina Villa's dresses don't try too hard to be covetable, her pieces just are.

Below are clearer photos of the pieces she mentioned and published:

(Except for this, LMAO! Couldn't find a clearer photo anywhere).

Thanks Daryl and have fun in Hong Kong! :)


Corinne said...

Hi Czarina!

I just wanted to let you know that I love your designs ever since I saw one on 'Sea of Shoes'. The last time I was in the Philippines (Dec 2008) I looked specifically for your designs -- which were VERY difficult to find! :( I only came away with one top. Unfortunately I don't know the next time I'll be in Manila or how, if ever, I can find your designs in NYC.

Oh well, a girl can hope, can't she?

Keep up the wonderful work!


Leia said...

I love your clothes! You are fantastic!

czarinavilla said...


ayee said...

Delayed reaction: did you supply your models' GORGEOUS shoes?