Friday, July 25, 2008

Back to Reality

I'm back in the city and I have to drag my ass around because I was gone for 2 working days and I am still feeling very lazy!! My sewers seemed relieved to see me back though (I wonder if that's a good or a bad thing). Anyway, yours truly had to do a bazillion errands right away and the traffic welcomed me with arms wide open as if to mock my return from my brief getaway. Hate it.

My work week ended today with a 5pm--errrr, 5:30pm because I came late due to heavy traffic. Why does Quezon City have to be so far from Taguig?!--meeting with the ladies (and man) of ALMOST FAMOUS. It is a fabulous, fabulous high end store that's about to open in Bonifacio Highstreet. So excited! Launching details to be posted soon. Watch out shopaholics! :-)

And so the weekend is back again but unlike everyone else, I actually have to work (way too many sketches to finish. Boo!). Partying is now reserved on week nights with my highschool pals (the Saturday night crowd makes us feel like senior citizens) as well as my movie dates with my boyfriend so that leaves me with working weekends. I am officially a weirdo.

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