Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Men With Style

Whenever someone asks "What do you first notice in a guy?", I answer, "Their shoes." and I usually get a weirded out frown. Only my fasyon and gay friends will understand this bit I guess. A guy's shoes says a lot about their personality, taste and overall style. So if I don't like what I see south of a hot guy's ankle then he ain't so hot to me anymore. Unless your name is Zac Efron or Chace Crawford that is. Ha! But then again imagine someone that handsome wearing dirty lace-up bulldogs. Aaaaccccckkkk! What a terrible thought.

Very few guys are comfortable enough to experiment with looks, let alone have the talent for layering and coming out polished and put-together. Most men are divided into 2 categories: The Boy-Next-Door (sneakers + jeans + Cotton shirt/Polo) and The Smarts (well-tailored suits and jackets + designer crisp shirts and expensive leather goods). Those who run in the middle of the fence are very hard to spot these days. Just like women, mixing the highs and lows is key. Hard to explain so check out my list of MEN WITH STYLE to know what I mean!

Eric delos Santos - one who always collaborates with menswear designer friends for experimental pieces he can match with his cool vintage finds and fancy sneaks. Even his leather shoes usually has a sporty, quirky twist to it. Love that.

Andre Chang - His blog is called "Style Maven". Nuff said.

Jerome Lorico - Whenever I see him, I feel like he should be walking on the crowded streets of Tokyo instead of Makati. And he makes inexpensive pieces look designer. Street style sweet!

Sidney Yap - The statement jacket is always his key piece. And boy, does he have a LOT of them!

Robby Carmona - There has never been an instance when I saw him and didn't say (out loud or in my head) "Oooohhh me likey!!"

And because I am currently addicted to Korean TV, I might as well add a couple of Korean stars on my list:

Hot Korean boy group Big Bang's TOP has the best tailored suits with quirky prints and details. Even cheap hoodies look fierce on him. Couldn't find any paparazzi shots but watch Big Bang TV Episode 7 (on Youtube dearies) to see for yourself! (Watch out for his lip-printed suit, D-I-E!!! How fabulous can a straight guy be?)

World renowned Korean superstar Rain. Even boot legs look sexy on him. The room probably goes below zero every time he enters. LMAO.

I also can't help but notice how beautiful the guy stars are from Korea. They're handsome but on the pretty side although not in a gay kind of way. Must be the fact that really stylish men are comfortable enough with their own bodies and sexuality that not even pieces bordering on the female side can stop them.

You think Piolo can pull that off too? :)


Anna said...

I concur I concur! Shoes are a must! When Pao and I hooked up, that was the first thing I overhauled. You don't even have to be todo metro - but it's gotta be CLEAN, and no scuffs puh-lease!

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