Sunday, October 25, 2009


This season I am on a Fashion Week hiatus - too much work to do in the shop, things I cannot possibly postpone - "overloaded" does not even suffice. Abroad, not participating in Fashion Week means losing buyers, in Manila there are no buyers except for your usual clients who come to watch your show. Hence, it is imperative that a young designer such as myself make these made-to-order clients the top priority. Business first, ALWAYS. There is the Holiday 2011 show anyway.

I attended some of the shows and of course, went to support my sistas! These are sooo on my "To-Order-List":

From Eric's collection. The maillot is mine, mine, mine!

Bea P. was contemplating whether to get the fuchia dress or the turquoise one. I said "Get both!" (I am also digging the vest! Le Chic!!)

On another note:

How cool is this?! You go sissy Jerome! And best of all, YOU GO DIREK ROBBIE! *clap clap!*

A dress I can style in 1&*$% ways! Check!

Always on the lookout for sexy, sexy leggings and mareng Martin hit the jackpot! Had a legging orgasm right there! LOL!! :D

L-O-V-E!!! You think I can pull this off, mareee?

The baggy-dress-loving girl that I am fell for this Veejay Floresca piece.

So sexy and rich-looking! I have been scouting for the perfect white dress and voila!

I am digging this look except I have a big arse and those pretty pants won't look flattering on moi. :-(

And ito, hindi ko kinaya:

When sissy Eric said he's using a huge buri hat, he really meant HUGE! This is soo perfect for the beach!

After Eric and Jerome's back to back showdown last night, Bea P. and I decided to binge at Chelsea. Totally forgetting to take a photo of our Eric delos Santos dresses til we got back to her house!

B wears her EDLS bondage number with lovely pumps from Theodore's while I matched my slashed dress with a Sepa necklace and Nine West peep toe booties. People in Serendra were staring, guess they thought I was having a real skin peek-a-boo. Bomba star levels, much?

Must talk numbers with the sissies after this! Exciting!

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