Monday, September 28, 2009


September 26, Saturday -- I wake up at 11 AM to the sound of my ringing cellie. It's mother.

"Wake up, wake up! Your dad and I are in church and we sent the driver out. The maid says our house is flooded! HELP HER!" She's clearly panicking. Thinking it was a mere exaggeration, I groggily got up and walked towards the dining room. As I stepped down from the hallway and felt cold water, I realize she wasn't kidding. And the maid was already busily mopping the floor. I called Arlee right away to come over, my mom's panic attack rubbed off on me. Last time the house got flooded was back in 1994. I realize Ondoy can't be just another typhoon. I turn on the TV a few hours later and realize I was right.

My mom's poor little garden. Photo taken after the water subsided.

The garage. Cars aren't home. My parents and the driver had to leave the cars on Central Avenue because it was impassable that afternoon. As of the moment, we have a CRV there awaiting a tow truck. Tried to get through the flood that day and it broke down on me!

We're lucky the water inside the house only reached up to the ankle. Outside it was knee high but I knew it must be worse in other areas. Specifically my tita's and cousin's homes in Kingsville Subdivision in Antipolo. We were so worried about them for 2 days. Today my cousin ate Ayee finally got to see them. Thank heavens they're safe. Material things can be gained back, but health is the real wealth so to speak. I'm glad all my friends and family are safe. But I am also saddened by their losses. :-(

I have been seeing heart breaking photographs and videos lately. Children who drowned, dead pets covered in mud, smashed cars and houses. I dare not post them here. My old highschool was flooded too. There are people who took shelter under their ceiling or on their roof while waiting to be rescued for hours and even days! I've been hearing stories of loss and miracles, all very overwhelming. Especially the way people are helping each other any way they can right now.

After I publish this post I shall go back to segregating my things for relief goods. It's the least I can do.


trish said...

Hi! Is this the same Czarina Villa mentioned by Jane Aldridge in this interview--> ?


czarinavilla said...

Yes darling that's me! :)