Friday, October 31, 2008

Games, Games, Games

In life, we are all playing a game. At work. At school. With your friends. With the opposite sex. We all have a Chuck and Blair in all of us. Strategies differ but the goal is all the same: to WIN.

Other players are aggressive, some choose to be on the defensive side. Others like to wait it out, and go in for the kill when the prey is caught off-guard. Others pretend to be on the same team when they are actually double agents.

It's funny, these games people play. I find myself playing once more after ages of dormant existence in the ball game. Quite rusty but doing good I suppose. Being on the defensive side, I choose to act based on my opponent's next move. The upside being I am usually on the safe side, the downside being I am usually the impatient party if the opponent is taking too long to make a move. They say that offense is your best defense. I say I'm too chicken shit to find out.

So what's your next move cowboy?

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