Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Dream Sprouts"

As promised, here are photos of my S/S 2009 Fashion Week collection (thanks to the talented TSARD CHUA!).

A collection aptly entitled "DREAM SPROUTS", I was inspired by my yo-yo circle placemat project back in 4th grade. It is a very girly collection embellished with dreamy circlettes and origami squares--all in pastels.

FABRICATION: Japanese jusi, crepe, linen, taffeta, plain chiffon (all materials c/o my lovely supplier in New Jersey)

COLORS: Cream, Mint Green, Navy Blue, Rich Blue, Pale Pink

Would also like to thank everyone who came to watch Luxewear B as well as apologize to my clients and friends whom I didn't get to talk to after the show. I was sick as a dog and harassed backstage that night. :-(



poeta fit, non nascitur said...

congratulations Cza!!

the 2nd pic from the left with the geometric pattern looks amazing. the bottom leftmost one i want!

i want to post your pix in my blog! do you have larger pictures?

campfiremedia said...

Your designs are killer Cza! Congrats congrats!

pam said...

love these designs!