Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My blog has been on "idle" mode for a while now. The main reason being this:

Things went smoothly so I'm not complaining! My bitch Pam's wedding was a beautiful one and I cried and cried at the wedding! And then I ate and ate at the reception! Lavish it was and this couple definitely knows how to throw a par-tayyyy! It's a good thing I wore my flowing bias cut gown or my exploding tummy would have been evident after downing all those prawns!:

(With bride and bitchmate Pamee in her 2nd dress, also by me of course!)

And now moving on to other exciting projects such as the upcoming L.A. based online store Dog.And.Bat. Expect my ready-to-wear pieces there soon! :)

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Anna said...

though people can't see it here in the picture - ganda ganda rin the gown czar herself was wearing that day!!!!!