Friday, October 17, 2008


Not that I owe anyone any explanation regarding my actions but I am writing this to put an end to all the questions and messages I've been getting.

NO, I didn't want to dig up skeletons and old issues because I want to get back at him. I wanted to know because I knew it was a friend and now I am right, it was a "friend". One who I trusted and confided to. One who also backstabbed me in unimaginable ways. Perhaps he was laughing inside while I cried and he even gave me advice. Advice that he was later going to use as ammunition against me.

I have already moved on career-wise. Whatever I lost, is lost. I just want to be more careful now. And that person can't harm me again.

Yes I agree with the person who told me that it is an issue that has closed months ago. It was the site that closed. But this to me is an issue of real friendship and it is only now that it has concluded in my part.

I do not wish to pick a fight with anyone. Not even him because what's the use. I believe in forgiveness and I can only wish him well.

This is the last time I will speak about this issue. Enough.

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