Sunday, October 19, 2008

Loving It

Noone else wears this dress like she can!! Judy is so happenin'!!

Thanks for the photo, Jane! :-)


poeta fit, non nascitur said...

I was in starbucks early this evening and browsing through Mega magazine while waiting for my friend. And my eyes bugged out when I saw your dress. August 2008, Mega magazine. Awesome dress! It was olive toned (got the color right this time :D) with the braid things.

Anna said...

Czar! I saw your dress in Sea of Shoes. Nagulat ako! Naloka! I was like, confused pa at first - teka, there's another Czarina Villa designer in the US? What are the chances!!! Sabay scroll down and hala! It's you!!! GALIIIIIING!!!!! GOT SO KILIG FOR YOU!!!! HURRAH! Congratulations!!!!!! Super exposure yan with that blog, yipeeeeeeeee

queenglitch said...

sis, your designs are impressive! especially the one in seaofshoes... where can I purchase your dresses? please email me at ljmarquez [at] thanks so much and more power!