Friday, January 15, 2010

The Past 10 Days...

...Were spent celebrating life, love and friendship. My hibernation was thrown out of the window. Heck, Arlee's back from Florida and we only have so much time so here goes...

01/8/10 - Encore (where we felt older than water with all them kiddos dancing in their Topshop/Mango/Zara frocks) and Fiamma (where we finally felt at home with familiar fashion friendly faces and people from the same age bracket).


With Cathy Cavilte (in our own designs). Lol.

1/10/10 - Dinner at Masas and Sherlock Holmes movie night in Greenbelt.

Patrick and I (both fans of Zara blazers. Heck, I think EVERYONE who loves tailored jackets go to Zara for a cheaper jacket fix!)

1/13/10 - Home cooked dinner double date with the Gioskos power couple in their Belair home.

Dropped by Cafe Ysabel for their yummy yummy Strawberry Shortcake first!

My 12Twelve partner, lunch buddy and fashion soul sista. :)

Adoring the dress!

Sorry we got to your house so late! One wrong turn led to another and huwowww what a nightmare the traffic was!

1/14/10 - Double Drinking Date with the beautiful Net and macholito Carlo at Guilly's and Quattro (yes, we are such QC folks. We drink anywhere this side of town!)

Check out Net's glove-detailed bag! Girlfriend is so creative and stylish: L-O-V-E!

What a fun night that was! Major laugh trip! Too bad the Bibingka stand was already closed when we got to Quattro though. :-/ Til you're next trip home mare and pare!

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