Monday, January 25, 2010

Pampanga Love

Arlee and I took his cousin kuya Alvin to Pampanga yesterday. Didn't mind the drive at all because there's something about the rice fields and the green scenery along NLEX that relaxes me. Moreover, the road is so much smoother than SLEX so I can go much much faster!

Thank you my angel for going down to take pictures for me. :)

Waiting for Arlee to get back in the car. Lol.

Of course what is a trip without binging? Kuya Alvin started craving for Chowking - like most Fil-Ams do - I still wonder what they see in that place. It's all false advertisement the moment you step inside (not to mention their billboards)...

I saw this and got hungry:

But then I got this and wondered where all the color went:

Appetite not satiated yet, I swore to make it all up to my tummy as soon as we get to C.

Yummy yummy Panizza

Spaghetti with meatballs...

And best of all...


Then it was time to retire and Mimosa was the final stop for the night. Saw this adorable K9 pup at the Holiday Inn. I just had to take a snapshot. :)

Woke up this morning craving for bacon and scrambled eggs so I ordered room service.:

Then Arlee picked me up after checkout. We chilled by the pool and had nachos.

5 minutes later...

My nachos vanished! :D

Decided to drop by Fully Booked in SM Clark afterwards to check if they have 2010 Planners in stock and look for any interesting new reads... and to get frozen yogurts next door at White Hat. :)

Before going home, kuya Alvin treated us to authentic Korean cuisine.

Of course there is zilch ambiance factor but the food was delish!

I got home at 10 PM. Can't hardly breathe! Shooting with US Girls tomorrow morning and now I realize it was a bad bad idea to binge the day before a TV shoot (where one virtually gains 10 lbs.)! I hope I still fit into my tight dress come morning, wish me luck!


marjorie michelle said...

if i were there, i would have gladly went with you on your trip and binged out, too! hahaha! gosh, i would love to try out C and that korean resto you went to. you'd better take me there when i go on vacay next year.

Anonymous said...

Funny Angelica and I also noticed the green scene while on NLEX! Just beautiful isn't it? I felt like it was Ireland or something.