Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taping & A Movie

8 AM : Woke up earlier than usual today. (I'm an 11-hour girl, if I could sleep for a living I would and I'd be rich for it!)

9 AM : Left the house, ran to the shop to get into my tight rust dress - luckily it still fits despite yesterday's binging! - and checked on my prom darlings' dresses (all due for fitting today).

10 AM : Call time for the US Girls taping at Ecomoda in ABS-CBN's ELJ Bldg. I got there at 10 AM sharp. Good thing my shop is pretty near. And thank heavens Arlee drove me today.

10:30 AM : Hair and makeup. SO I can look like a TV-worthy homosapien.

Now onto the photos:

Sharing our Top Picks and Chesca trying on the Palabok jacket.

I am loving Chesca's flower detailed satin stilettos.

...And Iya's animal print heels! Ran to Topshop GB3 right after the shoot but they didn't have it in my size anymore. :-( These girls seriously have style, no wonder they're fashion TV show hosts.

On another note, they actually made me model a dress for the damn cameras. I realized I was asked to guest under false pretenses. I seriously hate that. But because I am a professional I had to do it anyway.

I was laughing most of the time. Couldn't believe what I got myself into. I'm a designer for crying out loud. I did it all for the love of Martin Bautista (whose dress they chose for me to strut in).

And because I didn't get to eat properly all day, I decided to take my man to Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5 for some heavy chow before catching a flick.

The paperbacks we read while waiting for our grub. :)

MY honey chicken & biscuit entree was alright, Arlee was disappointed because the first 3 dishes he ordered weren't available and it took them 40 minutes to serve the food. Hmmm...

Anyway I am digging their vintage-inspired wallpaper in the washroom:

Saw Legion afterwards and people, I advise you to just wait for it on DVD or HBO. Not worth the Php190 we paid for in Greenbelt.

Now I shall retire for the night and remove all the gunk on my face. Goodnight folks!

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