Monday, February 8, 2010

Spontaneous Tagaytay

I'm lucky to have barkadas who are as spontaneous as I am. One bulalo craving and --poof!--Tagaytay here we come!

And wherelse to go but Leslie's for that craving! (With 2 of my ultimate barkadas since I was like 10 years old: Lottie and May.)

Wow, I don't think they've ever cleaned their chandeliers since they opened a bazillion years ago.

Of course I can't live without dessert...

Isn't that YUMMMM?! My client Chesca Reyes introduced me to Starbucks' cinnamon swirl a couple of years back and I got so hooked!

OK, this dude is alright but a clown freaks me out (with May, my sista responsible for my cinnamon swirl relapse!)

Then a few nights ago after meeting up with the designer sissies at Mr. Jones, we decided to drive up to Tagaytay for some cold air. LMAO!

Martin's twitpic of us having arrozcaldos, puto and chicharon because everything else was closed at 1:20 AM.

You gotta love spontaneous trips. :)

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