Wednesday, June 17, 2009


...Was the MEGA shoot for their 25 Young Designers feature and I was lucky enough to be part of it. I was 45 minutes late for call time--blame it on heavy traffic and nonstop drizzling. Also almost went to EDSA Shangri La where I first thought was the venue of the shoot. LMAO!!! Thank heavens for My Globe internet, I got to check my email again on the way there and realized Patrick's email said HERITAGE hotel. Had a blonde moment for a minute there!

It's very rare for me to want to savor my makeup after a shoot and or event. Tonight is one of those nights. Jigs Mayuga is amazing!!! :) Thanks Jigs!

Post shoot photos below:

With mareng Regine Dulay (who belonged to a different group but stayed to wait for me!)

The flip flop girl that I am couldn't change into these comfy Nine West feather sandals fast enough (I love my ZARAs too but they hurt after a while).

Headed home now. Where is my car??! L-R: Reg, Anna Leah Salvador, Ciege Cagalawan, Nicole Morimoto, Carlo Chu & yours truly.

Tagal talaga ng valet, picture ulet!

The detail of my dress:

And now I must sign off and get some shut eye. Goodnight all!

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