Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Long Overdue Summer Post

My SUMMER 2009 can be highlighted by 5 things:


Us PREMIERE B designers taking our final bow (L-R: Tina Daniac, Pia Perey, Mich Dulce, John Paras, Eric delos Santos and I). I apologize for the pixelized photo (grabbed it from my cousin's blog).

My Palabok jacket over a ruched cotton dress. Photo by Myke Siriban.

BORACAY (with family, boyfriend, sissies and kumares)

With Lottie! Me in Tina Daniac swimwear (mare's such a genius!)


In a Martin Bautista draped top (frolicking around Station 1 with Arlee)

Sissies! Post volleyball game. They won of course!

The family with my dear Tita Aying, my boyfriend Arlee and his brother Ray (far left).

Me & Other Family Members Getting Sick (NOTE: NO, IT AIN'T SWINE FLU!)

The Chuva Charm shot (taken at Capitol Medical - May 17, 2009).


EVIL "TWINS" are forever!

My lovely cousins and favorite niece ELLA!


Dining post massage at the Green House Bistro.

And now that summer's over, it's time to book another flight to paradise as off-peak has just begun. L-O-V-E! :)

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Anna said...

Yey she's back! I figured you'd be busy May! Missed the outfit updates and chikka!!!