Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cast Of The Gossip Girl Pinoy Version?

I always add the question mark at the end of my subject whenever the topic is the GG Pinoy version because I still refuse to accept it as a fact (in the hopes that it is all just a rumor or the producers will still change their mind).

So now I present to you the supposed cast of the show (photo grabbed from a friend in Multiply). I have no words. What do YOU think?


Anonymous said...

First of all, I would also like to express my love of the hit series Gossip Girl. That being said, I too am very disappointed that there will be a Filipino version. But at the same time I can appreciate why the networks would like to make one. Obviously it's for the masses and, whether or not we like it, the masses are a strong market. It all comes down to money, money, MONEY! Whether or not the masses will get the plot remains to be seen. But for what its worth, at least we'll all have a good laugh at the attempt to reproduce American XEROX.

- Arlee

sippinslow said...

mars may nakita akong plug sa bagong show sa bagong chanel. "ligloss" ata title. feeling ko yun yung nagpapakagossip girl! kasi meron line na something about being mayaman.

ang natake note ko lang e nandon si saab magalona. yun lang!